Gas Sensor Spirits tester Kit B051N Kemo

Gas Sensor Spirits tester Kit B051N Kemo
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Model: B051N
Gas Sensor | Spirits tester

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You buy one Gas Sensor | Spirits tester from Kemo!

This instrument indicates gases such as alcohol, acetone, benzole, propane, carbon monoxide (contained in the smoke of fire). Perfect as alarm for gases and fire.

Fitting case: G027N - Plastic Case approx. 72 x 50 x 35 mm

Technical Data

Kit: To solder yourself
Operating voltage: 12 V/DC
Current consumption: approx. 180 mA
Indication: LED and relay (1 x ON, 3 A)
Board dimensions: approx. 58 x 45 mm

Versandgewicht: approx. 0,1 kg
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