Bicycle charge controller USB Mini B M172 Kemo

Bicycle charge controller USB Mini B M172 Kemo
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Model: M172
Bicycle charge controller USB (Mini B)

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You buy one Bicycle charge controller USB (Mini B) from Kemo!

Allows the operation of navigators, PDAs, MP3 players, etc. if these have a current supply jack „Mini USB B“ with generally usual wiring. The current for the operation and/or for charging the battery is then taken from the bicycle dynamo.

How is the device connected to the dynamo?
Please find out which of the two cables coming from the dynamo is connected to the centre lamp contact. Once the correct cable has been determined, it has to be separated within close proximity to the M172. Take the end coming from the dynamo and connect it to the “Dynamo” connection on the M172. The other cable end (going to the two lamps) is connected to the “Light” connection on the M172. The “Frame” connection is connected with the wire that runs from the outer lamp contact to the dynamo. Note: When using a wheel hub dynamo, it is possible that at speeds of > 40 km/h the charge controller switches off the due to a too high dynamo voltage. However, at lower speeds it will automatically switch back on.

Technical Data

Input voltage: 6 V/AC commercial bicycle dynamo (also wheel hub dynamos) alternating voltage
Output voltage: 5.2 V/DC stabilized (approx. 5.1 - 5.3 V/DC)
Output current: max. 300 mA (is fully sufficient for most of the devices that are supplied with USB jack)
LED display: the installed LED lights up when the switch is set to „USB operation“ and the bicycle is moved
Switch: installed change-over switch in order to switch to „USB operation“ or „Bicycle lighting on“. The bicycle dynamo cannot charge USB and operate the lights at the same time
Connections: 1 USB cable approx. 60 cm long, 1 cable „earth“ to the bicycle chassis, 1 cable to the dynamo, 1 cable to the bicycle lighting
Dimensions: approx. 40 x 40 x 12 mm (without switch and fastening straps)

Shipping weight: approx. 0,1 kg
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