Thermodrucker Druckkopf LTP1245R-C384-E THERMAL PRINTER 1 Stück

Thermodrucker Druckkopf LTP1245R-C384-E THERMAL PRINTER 1 Stück
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Thermodrucker Druckkopf

Thermal Line Dot Printing 72mm 39.5mm 16mm

The LTP1245 is a thermal line printer that offershigh-speed, high-resolution printing in a compact,lightweight mechanism ideal for today’s 5Vportable applications. Providing low-power con-sumption to support battery-powered operation,the LTP1245 is a maintenance-free mechanismand, with optional interface, allows for automaticpaper loading. Ideal for measuring instruments,analyzers, POS, portable communications devicesand more, the LTP1245 maximizes printer func-tionality in applications where minimizing powerconsumption, size and weight is a priority.

•High resolution printing (8 dots/mm)•High speed, low voltage printing (25mm @ 5V,62.5mm @ 8.0V)•Low 4.2V to 8.5V power supply operation•Prints on label stock•Available with or without paper feed knob•Available with straight or curved paper path(up to 95 μm)•Thick paper printing possible on straight path•Automatic paper loading (available withIF1001-01B interface board)•Wide opening head for easy access•Wide temperature range

Seiko Instruments

(Artikelnummer: 11025 - 003)


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