Ultrasonic wall loudspeaker L002 Kemo

Ultrasonic wall loudspeaker L002 Kemo
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Model: L002
Ultrasonic wall loudspeaker

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You buy one Ultrasonic wall loudspeaker from Kemo!

Additional loudspeaker (Piezo) for our ultrasonic vermin scare M071N - Ultrasonic vermin repeller. An installed light emitting diode serves as operation indication. Aluminium spherical cap membrane with a very broad angle of radiation. Suitable for mounting outside provided the loudspeaker will be installed protected from rain (e.g. under the roof ledge). The LED is loaded by the supplied ultrasonic wave frequency and thus does not require any additional operating voltage.

Available accessory: M071N - Ultrasonic vermin repeller

Technical Data:

Range of transmission: approx. 6000-45000 Hz
Dimensions: approx. 72 x 50 x 29 mm (without fastening straps)

Shipping weight: approx. 0,15 kg
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