Water Level Sensor 9 V/DC Kit B192 KEMO

Water Level Sensor 9 V/DC Kit B192 KEMO
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Model: B192
Water Level Sensor 9 V/DC

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You buy one electronic kit Water Level Sensor 9 V/DC from Kemo!

Whenever two bare wires have contact with water, the light emitting diode will light up. The device is suitable to release alarm in case of overflowing rain barrels and gutters. Operating voltage: 9 V/DC.
As accessories is available the kit B197 - Relay card 12 V/DC, which could be connected with this kit and could switch through the relay contact other devices (e.g. pumps) up to current consumption of 3 A.

Recommended case: G025 - Plastic Case approx. 72 x 50 x 21 mm

Technical Data

Kit: To solder yourself
Operating voltage: 9 V/DC
Power consumption: rest (without water contact) < 10 µA, LED shines approx. 15 mA
Indication of water: via LED
Size of board: approx. 45 x 16 mm

Shipping weight: approx. 0,06 kg
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